Welcome to our Laser Hair Removal & Fat Freeze Clinic. We have clinics in both Blackburn and Preston. We provide exclusive celebrity endorsed aesthetic services, investing in high end technologies including Soprano ICE & Lumenis Lightsheer Desire Laser Hair Removal Systems.
3DLipoMed and 3DShockwave Fat Freeze, selecting technologies where results can be guaranteed, leaving clients comfortable with their investment. We also believe it is important for clients to achieve results as word of mouth referrals is paramount to encourage new clients.  
We can guarantee hair free results with our Lumenis LightSheer Desire & Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal, found in many high end clinics including Harley Street Clinics. Our prices are very competitive and we will price match any quote. 3DLipoMed Guarantees results for fat loss and body contouring. We can provide a full consultation and design a package which meets your individual needs. Check out the results.

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Before and After Images Soprano Ice& Lumenis Lightsheer Desire
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